Q. Who uses the services of T&D Sports Video Productions?
A. We have over 1000 clients in the northeast

Parents: Through our season package and college video portfolio, parents are able to help their children improve the likelihood of admission into top colleges and attaining athletic scholarships.

Athletic Directors: Document your games on video. Have them at your fingertips forever. Great tool for fund raising and showing departmental accomplishments.

Coaches: Use our crystal clear DVD’s to
analyze your games. Great for scouting!

Q. Why do I need videos of my son or daughters athletic events?
A. In the information age we are living in video is used for many purposes: College Recruiting, and Athletic Directors, High School, Junior HS, or Pee Wee coaches to evaluate an athlete’s performance. They also make wonderful keepsakes for the parents to keep forever.

Q. Can I videotape events myself?:
A. Yes. However, our experiences are that parents would much rather watch the game and leave the videotaping to us.. the professionals

Q. Should I have my game tapes edited?
A. You don’t necessarily have to, but we highly recommend it. In today’s competitive environment every aspect of portraying the athlete in the best possible light is extremely important. Having a highlight tape is a great way to show off your son or daughters athletic achievements.

Q. How do I get a highlight DVD?
A. Simply contact us at 631-226-1144 or email us at Info@Tdsportsvideo.Com

Q. How much will the services cost?
A. Our service varies depending on the needs of customer. All of our packages are tailor made and affordable. For more information please contact us at 631-226-1144 or email us at Info@Tdsportsvideo.Com